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Where to Use

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Where to use Noise Grabber™ Mass Loaded Vinyl

One question that we get asked a lot is where can Noise Grabber™ MLV be used? The answer to that question is simple: Anywhere! Noise Grabber™ MLV is a multi-functional sound blocking material that is able to block out many different types and levels of sound. This means that its applications are nearly endless. Whether you have a project at home, or you are looking for help to quiet down an office space, Noise Grabber™ MLV can work for you.

Noise Grabber™ MLV's inherent sound blocking properties and ease of use make it a great sound reducing option for both DIYers and professionals. Here are just a few of the many ways that you can use Noise Grabber™ MLV to improve the noise problem in your life!

Where to Use


Noise Grabber™ Brand Mass Loaded Vinyl is a non-toxic, odorless sound deadening material, meaning that it is great for nearly every application in your home. Whether you are taking on a remodeling project, building a fence, or just trying to cut down on some noise between rooms, Noise Grabber™ can help you achieve the quietness you are looking for!

Some standard uses


Tired of hearing noises from outside your bedroom while you are trying to get a good night's sleep? Noise Grabber™ MLV is the solution you are looking for to block noise from the walls, ceiling, or floor!


Too much sound coming from your kitchen? Don't worry, Noise Grabber™ MLV is perfect for blocking out the noise created in the kitchen, and can even be used to help quiet your dishwasher or refrigerator!

Media Room

Wishing that you could enjoy your big-screen without worrying about disturbing everyone else? Noise Grabber™ MLV is here to help, and can block the sound coming from your in house speakers!


Is that project in your garage disturbing the rest of the house or your neighbors? Not anymore, because Noise Grabber™ MLV is perfect for stopping equipment noise from escaping or road noise from getting in!

These are just a few of the many ways you can help to cut down on noise problems in your home. Click here to check out our full line of Noise Grabber™ MLV!

Where to Use


Much like your home, you spend plenty of time at your office, and Noise Grabber™ MLV is a great option for any sound problems in your home away from home! Be it too much noise from the break room, the sound from the sales floor ruining your break room, or the distracting sound of a neighboring office, Noise GRabber™ MLV can create a much quieter, and in turn, happier workplace!

Conference Room

Does the meeting in the conference room distract you from your work? That is an easy fix with Noise Grabber™ MLV, which can be used to block out both conversational sound, telephone, or noise from presentations so that you can complete your work in peace.

Break Room

Does the hustle and bustle from the office follow you into the break room when you are trying to enjoy lunch? We can help, as Noise Grabber™ MLV offers an odor-free noise reduction option to help create a quiet place for your 5 minutes a day.


Is the constant sound of running water or flushing pipes keep you from focusing? Not anymore, as Noise Grabber™ MLV can be used to stop the sound of running and moving water in all your office bathrooms.

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Your car is what gets you from place to place, and you want to make sure that you can carry on a conversation or listen to music without worrying about the sounds of the outside world ruining your drive. Noise Grabber™ MLV is the perfect solution for your car as well! Whether you just want a less noisy ride, or you are an audiophile who wants to control the sound of your speakers, Noise GRabber™ can fix your vehicle's noise.

Trunk, Floor & Doors

Tired of hearing every little road noise on your drive to work, or did the wind noise ruin that last family road trip? This solution can be easily fixed with Noise Grabber™ Mass Loaded Vinyl, which can be used nearly anywhere in a car to cut down on noise. Some of the most common places for Noise GRabber™ MLV is to have it in the doors, trunk, or under the carpet, which will help to create a much quieter ride.

Other Popular Applications include:

  • Under the hood
  • Speaker enclosures
  • above the headliners



The noises from your production plant or warehouse making it hard for your office employees to do their job? NO longer will this be of a concern, because Noise gRabber™ MLV is a great way to block heavy machine or industrial noises from penetrating through walls, ceilings, or floors.

Office Space

Is your office attached to your shop space, and does the constant noise affect your workforce? If the answer is yes than noise grabber Mass Loaded Vinyl would be a great solution for your noise problem. It can be used on the walls to reflect noise out of the office, or on the floors to block sound from traveling upwards.

Machine Coverings

Do you have machines that are constantly running, creating an annoying sound that seems to never disappear? Noise Grabber™ MLV creates an acoustical barrier for these machines that can block noise from escaping the nearby vicinity. These can lead to a much quieter workplace, and improved efficiency thanks to a less distracting work environment.



Be it the sound of a rowdy neighbor while you are enjoying the sunset or the continuous sound of your air conditioner during the summer, there are plenty of outdoor noises that affect your everyday life. Thanks to its composition, Noise Grabber™ MLV is a great solution to stop that noise from interrupting your peaceful outdoor space.


Tired of sitting outside and feeling like you are part of your neighbor's conversation from their yard? This will no longer be a problem with the use of Noise Grabber™ MLV, which can be used on several different styles of fencing to help create a sound barrier between you and your rowdy neighbor.


Does a loud HVAC system or a noisy pool pump disturb your backyard barbeques? If so, Noise Grabber™ MLV can help solve this noise problem by creating a sound blocking barrier around the noisy equipment so that you can enjoy your time in peace.

These are just a few of the many different ways the Noise Grabber™ MLV can work for you.

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