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Technical Specifications

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SoundproofingMLV® Technical Specifications

SoundproofingMLV offers the best products available for reducing sound transmission through sound blocking, sound absorption and sound deadening. All SoundproofingMLV products are rated at the highest possible specifications and are thoroughly tested to, not only meet, but exceed the required specifications.

Below, you’ll find links to technical specifications for our products, as well as downloadable technical specification sheets for each product. You can also read the frequently asked questions section below, to see if any question you might have has been answered. If you have additional questions or would like more information, please contact one our soundproofing experts for help.!

Noise Grabber™ Mass Loaded Vinyl

Available in five different weights and several customizable options, Noise Grabber MLV is the #1 option for MLV, as you can see from our specifications below. Downloadable spec sheets are also available for your convenience.

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Green Glue Products

Green Glue Products, including the Noiseproofing Compound and Sealant, are safe to use anywhere. Green Glue’s effectiveness and performance are back up by strong specifications. Spec sheets are also available for download for Green Glue Products.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Technical Specifications

How thick is each weight of MLV?

  • 1/2 LB = 1/16" (0.0625")
  • .75 LB = 3/32" (.09375")
  • 1 LB = 1/8" (0.125")
  • 1.5 LB = 3/16" (.1875")
  • 2 LB = 1/4" (.250")

Is Green Glue an adhesive (glue)?

No! Even though its name might suggest otherwise, Green Glue is not meant to be used as an adhesive of any kind. It is a viscoelastic material that creates a sound barrier and should not be used in lieu or in place of any adhesive.

Will using screws damage the MLV?

No! Thanks to its high tensile strength and elongation, Noise Grabber MLV can be screwed or nailed to the wall without fear of damaging the mass loaded vinyl. Using screws also will not have a negative impact on the sound blocking properties of the material.

What is the highest temperature I can use Green Glue in?

Green Glue is only rated up to 90° F, so you should not use it an area that exceeds that temperature on a regular basis.

Can Mass Loaded Vinyl be used on a fence?

Noise GrabberMLV works great on fences to reduce noise coming from neighboring yards. If needed for a free hanging fencing application, reinforced MLV offers a great option, with a higher tear strength.

Is MLV safe to use in my house?

Yes! MLV is non-toxic and odor-free. It is perfectly safe to use in your house – in fact, that’s what we designed it for!

Does Green Glue have an odor?

No! Once it dries, Green Glue Compound and Sealant are odor-free. You may notice a slight smell during the initial install while the compound or sealant is still wet, but as it dries, the odor disappears.

Does MLV have an odor?

Noise Grabber MLV is odor-free. However, we realize that smell is subjective and people with more attuned senses of smell may detect a faint plastic smell during warm months if the item has been sitting outside in its box. This goes away within a few hours when removed from the box, making it truly odor-free.

What STC rating does the Green Glue have?

Green Glue does not have a standard STC rating, instead, it is dependent on how and where it is used as to what STC increase you will see in your partition.

Can Mass Loaded Vinyl be used outdoors?

In a simple answer, yes. MLV is okay to use outdoors, based entirely on what you are doing with it, where it is going, and how you are using it. MLV is often used in fencing, porch projects, and under sheathing, but direct exposure to the elements, particularly sun, could have damaging effects if left for prolonged periods.