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STC Specifications

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STC Specifications

Sound Transmission Class

STC Ratings are compiled through laboratory testing to determine how much sound material will block at different frequencies and decibels. This means that when properly applied, STC ratings can be used to determine the exact amount of noise will be blocked by a substrate. To do this, you will need to know the frequency and decibel rating of the sound that you are looking to block out. Once you have this information, you can apply it to the STC chart to determine what transmission loss you can expect from a certain Noise Grabber™ product based on its STC rating.

Decibel: a unit used to measure the intensity of a sound

Frequency: the number of times per second that a sound pressure wave repeats itself, often referred to as pitch

Transmission Loss: the decrease of sound intensity that is reduced by a wall or other structure at a given frequency.

For more information about understanding STC ratings, please visit our about STC Ratings Page

Our STC Test Results

STC Result

As you can see on the STC chart above, our Noise Grabber™ MLV has been thoroughly tested by an accredited laboratory in accordance with ASTM standards. This, in addition to thousands of happy customers, shows why we are proud to stand behind our product with claims that it will block sound transmission.

The different weights of Noise Grabber™ MLV have different STC ratings. These STC ratings correspond to the difference in the weight of the material. For example, the 1LB material has a lower STC rating (26) than the heavier 2LB material (32). Following that same thought, the 1LB rating (26) is higher than that of the .75LB (22). That does not mean that you should always go with the higher rating, instead, it shows you how the different materials have different effects based on the pitch and level of the noise.

Mass Loaded Vinyl is not the only STC rated item it is one of many different items you can use to increase STC ratings. By combining Noise Grabber™ MLV with other sound-reducing products, you can further increase STC rating to block louder or different frequency sounds. When using Noise Grabber™ MLV in conjunction with other materials, your ability to reduce sound reduction is endless.

Thickness w/ STC Ratings