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1 LB Noise Grabber™ Brand MLV

  • 1 LB Noise Grabber™ Brand MLV

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    4' x 4'

    (4 ft x 4 ft)

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    $ 55.00
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Available Sizes

Quantity Unit Price
1 - 4 Rolls $ 55.00
5 - 9 Rolls $ 50.00
10 + Rolls $ 47.00
Item Description
Width: 4 feet (48 inches)
Length: 4 feet (48 inches)
Roll Weight: 16 lbs
Square Footage: 16 square feet
STC Rating: (26 STC)
  • If you have any questions, please call one of our soundproofing experts at: (866) 447-8438
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Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) Acoustical Barrier by provides excellent, reliable noise reduction by actively blocking sound wave transmission. manufactures MLV from PVC plastic, a safer, more viable option than traditional lead-based soundproof sheeting. mixes a proprietary acoustical PVC compound with calcium carbonate, an inert material which does not interfere with other ingredients. The additional weight from the calcium carbonate acts as a barrier against sound waves, drastically improving sound blocking properties.


STC Rating : 26 STC
: 600 psi (4.1 MPa)
: 125%
Tear Resistance (Die C)
: 100 lbf/in (17.5 kN/m)
Federal Motor Vehicle
Safety Standard (FMVSS)
Standard No. 302
: Pass
Surface Finish : Smooth
Back Finish : Smooth
Color : Black 
Sound Transmission Report

By Richard Davis

By Rafael Brito

Super quick handling great product!

By Elam Heatwole

By Russ Chadwell

I am absolutely flabbergasted that shipping on something that basically weighs like a small person was free! (135 lbs). Also, I was able to order any configuration I wanted, whether it was 0.75 lbs per sqr ft or 2.0 lbs, and I was able to order such configuration without the need or help of a weekday salesperson! After all, I got my order ordered up late on the weekend! No need to wait for Monday and round up a salesperson just because I needed 2 lbs instead of some website default like 0.75 lbs (as is seen on the competitor's site) Great way to do business!

By Eric Karsten

By Jeff Carroll

order processing and shipping was faster than expected

By jeremy Cooper

By Kevin Chalk

By David Whipple

By angela DelVecchio

By Kevin Watkins

Great stuff at a great price. Gonna buy some more very soon. Thanks!

By Scott Gerstenkorn

While process was smooth. Easy to order. Product came quickly and in good shape!! Thank you!!

By Steven Wiese

By Bruce Kakimoto

Exactly as specified on the website and delivered on time.

By Ryan Hoskins

By Milo Squires

The 140lb roll of MLV arrived quickley. The cardboard box had significant damage, but the product inside was fine.

By John Baker

Matthew Nall has been hugely helpful, from giving me guidance regarding which product was best suited to my needs to giving me pointers as to how to go about installing it. The courier used (R&L) left something to be desired - having promised a call an hour before delivery they called 20 minutes before delivery and the driver was most unhappy at my desire to note damage to the exterior packaging on the delivery note, as your video indicated I should do (the actual product was undamaged). This isn't your failing but obviously damages the overall impression of the buying process. It's possible I misread your site but it looked like the sealing tape came in 108" lengths so, having ordered 10 rolls of it, I was surprised to find it was actually 108' lengths and I now have enough tape to complete the job many times over. (This may have been entirely my fault.) It's too early to know whether the product does what I hope as I haven't finished the installation.

By Erin Bernard

By Jasmin Springer

I haven’t begun installation but I’m 100% confident that your support team will be there if I need anything. Thanks!

By Quincy Brown

By Grant Goold

Looking forward to the install