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Vibration Dampening Rubber Pads

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These vibration dampening rubber pads are made from natural rubber that effectively absorbs and reduces vibration, creating a smoother and quieter environment. With their high-quality material, these pads provide long-lasting protection for your equipment and furniture. Say goodbye to unnecessary noise and potential damage with these reliable and durable pads.

  • Stop Vibrations:

    Made from natural rubber, our Noise Grabber™ rubber isolation products are designed specifically to stop vibrational noises in their tracks, cutting down on rattling, shaking, and other noises that come from the use of heavy equipment and appliances.

  • Safe for Use Anywhere:

    Our vibration isolating products are made from natural rubber, meaning that are not filled with chemicals or other unsafe materials, making them the perfect choice for use in your home, office, workspace, or more. Get peace of mind in your space today.

  • Multiple Options:

    Available in thicknesses ranging from 1/8" to 1/2" thick, for use with anything from your desktop microphone or speakers to under heavy machinery or manufacturing equipment to muffle sound and cut down on vibrational noises.

Multi-Purpose Rubber

Flexible, Durable Natural Rubber

Noise Grabber™ Sound Isolation Rubber is available in rolls and sheets of our high quality natural rubber. This material is flexible enough to bend, fold, and provide an absorbent base for use in places where high vibrational noise is an issue. The material is also durable enough to be used under heavy equipment, appliances, home equipment, speakers, and more, while maintaining the ability to be cut to fit any size space.