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About SoundproofingMLV

About SoundproofingMLV

SoundProofingMLV has a simple idea. Focus on the best soundproofing solution and do it right.

We specialize in Mass Loaded Vinyl, the most economical and simple solution for sound reduction. Not only is it easy to install, it also provides the characteristics desired for both commercial and DIY customers.

SoundProofingMLV provides excellent, reliable noise reduction by actively blocking sound waves transmission. Our MLV is manufactured using PVC Plastic resins, a safe and reliable material used in soundproof sheeting. During its production, a specialized acoustical PVC mixture is compounded with selected inert materials. The specialized mass that is created from these materials acts as an additional barrier against sound waves, drastically improving sound blocking properties.

Some of the markets serviced:

  • Construction:
    Walls, Floors, Windows & Doors
  • Industrial:
    Construction, Automotive, Appliances & Machinery, Piping & Ductwork
  • Other:
    Music/Audio Markets, Music Rooms, Schools, Churches, Home Theaters, Offices, Other Residential

Our Promise

Our mission is to provide a top quality, sustainable product that will improve environmental quality wherever we do business – combined with our world-class leading customer service and industry expertise.

What makes us unique?

We strive to provide the same level of customer service and expert consulting to every single customer, whether you’re working on a DIY project, or a large scale construction project with complex technical requirements.

Our sales consultants with over 25 years of experience are readily available to answer questions or consult with you on a budgetary quote.

Our top goal is to provide sustainable solutions using recycled PVC materials, and create a company culture that promotes environmental consciousness.