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About SoundproofingMLV®

If you find a better price on mass loaded vinyl, we guarantee we can beat it!

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About SoundproofingMLV

At SoundproofingMLV®, we came up with a simple idea. We want to focus on the best soundproofing solution, and do it right!

We specialize in Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV), the most economical, simple, wide-ranging solution for sound reduction. Not only is it easy to install, it provides the characteristics desired by both commercial and DIY customers.

SoundproofingMLV’s® Noise Grabber™ Brand MLV provides excellent, reliable noise reduction. Noise Grabber™ MLV is manufactured using PVC plastic resins compounded with select safe and reliable inert material regularly used in soundproof sheeting. The specialized mass that is created from these materials acts as an additional barrier against sound, which drastically improves Noise Grabber™ sound blocking properties.

We guarantee a quality product with the lowest price on the market, and back that up with our SoundproofingMLV® Price Match Guarantee

  • Made in USA
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Premium Quality

Mission Statement

To offer premium soundproofing materials and excellent customer service, on an easy to use platform without any added cost or calculations, at the best price available on the market.

Our Vision

To become the go to supplier for safe, affordable soundproofing solutions for all industries across the country.

Our Core Values

Best Quality Customer Service

Our representatives are passionate about creating solutions for noise problems. We want to create a welcoming environment, with people who are dedicated to the idea of helping our customers create their own quiet space, however big or small


We believe that honesty and integrity is crucial to any business. We want to make sure that we stress the truth and honesty in all our business dealings. Nothing matters more to us than ensuring that we are viewed as honest and trustworthy.

Innovative Philosophy

We subscribe to the idea that there is not concrete idea for a solution. We are constantly adapting and evolving to make sure that we can stay up to date and offer exceptional products and customer service.


We strive every day to not only offer the best quality in customer service, but in our products as well. All products that we offer have been thoroughly tested to make sure they meet the high standards we have for all our offerings.