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SoundproofingMLV® Installation

Starting a soundproofing project can be overwhelming. At SoundproofingMLV we’re here for you – with installation tips and tricks to help make your SoundproofingMLV installation a breeze.

On this page, you’ll find links for helpful and detailed instructions about how and where our various products can be used.

You’ll also find frequently asked questions that we receive about best practices for installing MLV, using Green Glue, and many other forms of soundproofing.

If you have any questions about installation, don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our acoustical experts will be happy to help you!

Noise Grabber™ Installation Page

Here you can find some tips on installation of Mass Loaded Vinyl, as well as our installation manual for Noise Grabber™ Mass Loaded Vinyl

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Green Glue Installation Page

Here you can find installation guides for the Green Glue Noiseproofing System, including how and where it can be installed.

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Frequently Asked Installation Questions

Where can MLV be installed?

That’s simple – MLV can be installed almost anywhere! MLV can be used in homes, offices, cars, or anywhere you want great results in sound reduction. Some frequent uses include walls, ceilings and floors, as well as on pipes, in automobiles, outdoor areas, and many other applications.

What can I use as an adhesive for MLV?

We do not recommend using adhesives as a permanent bond for MLV. If you are looking for a short-term hold, you can use a standard construction adhesive to adhere the MLV to whatever substrate you are working with.

Can I use MLV on the ceiling?

Yes, MLV can be installed on the ceiling securely using fasteners. We recommend that you make sure that you have someone helping you, because MLV is heavy!

What should I use to attach MLV?

We recommend using either screws with washers or cap nails to attach the MLV to your substrate. This will securely hold the MLV, giving you a clean install and the peace of mind that it will last.

Is Green Glue safe to use in my house?

Yes, Green Glue is perfectly safe for use in your home and other indoor areas. Green Glue is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and mold-resistant, making it a perfect option for your home soundproofing project.

Can I use Green Glue as an adhesive?

No, Green Glue Compound or Sealant should not be used as an adhesive of any kind. Green Glue is a sound-absorbing material and is not meant to be used to hold anything together on its own.

Do you have to use the Green Glue Compound with the Sealant?

You do not have to use both the sealant and the compound from Green Glue. They will work independently of each other. However, you may not experience the best results unless you use the entire system, as laid out in the instructions.

No information provided on this page or the downloadable manual is meant as a replacement for professional installation or advice.
SoundproofingMLV® does not make any claims to suggest that these instructions should be used in lieu of professional installation or opinion.